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  • potato pants

    Broke, but big hearted. OOTOB bought him to carry torches so we can fight. A few coppers a day, and what ever else we give him. The Real name we do not know, but we call him potato pants due to the burlap sacks he uses for pants.

  • Paulo

    Coerced into aiding OOTOB in rescuing the local boys from [[Clendil Manor]]. After meeting with success, OOTOB managed to convince him to help us rid the manor of evil dead. So far OOTOB has convinced him that we are worth working for. We better be, …


    4th level thus far. Rumors of my death are exaggerated. Now fully equipped with Magic Chain mail, Magic Mace, Ring of Sustenance, pockets of cash for temple building and several scrolls for that added clerical push when the chips are down.

  • du jair

    Hire OOTOB to cleanse the undead infestation in [[Clendil Manor]]. Offered us a large bounty, but welshed on his debt at the last.

  • Jestoove

    Unknown Human allegedly in charge of the demi humans beneath [[Clendil Manor]]

  • jamoke

    alienated cleric of Freya in the little berg of [[Stubville]] where he was coaxed out of retirement to aid OOTOB in attacking and killing off the undead threat under the plan of helping locate some lost boys hanging out where they should not be hanging …

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