Order Of The Owlbear Adventures

some previous sessions

9/12/10 Current state of affairs is that the mage has just aced the necromancer, within an inch of his own life. There are two zombies, one giant orc and four adventurers lying in various size pools of various fluids. The stink cloud is starting to dissipate and there’s an open spell book full of craziness that the mage will most likely be reading while the rest of the group sleep off their respective ass-whuppins. Not sure when we’ll have a chance to play again, but looking forward to it!

Summary of events (hopefully I didn’t leave out anything important):
Several days in the stank basement and the Necro- errr, I mean Magic User dumped the Orc Captain, Necromancer and Zombie bodies into the pit trap and pulled the planks over to your side. Then he got all cozy in the Necromancers bedroom until everyone else awoke. After a few more days of working up their strength, the party exited the manor through the blown out kitchen (after one of them fell back into the basement of course.). On the way down the road, they came across two dead men and another dead owlbear. The men had marking of the Rotten Ring.
Upon getting back to town, Harold at the Inn was most surprised and impressed to see you back alive. They all thought you were dead (you’d been gone about a week). Dishwasher boy ran for Olab the sheriff and Harold thanked you for everything and told you your friends had come looking for you, loaded the obelisk on a wagon and claimed the reward for the “cleansing”. On the way out of the inn, a cloaked man stood up, put his hand on the Thief’s shoulder and said “Nice to see you again” but just before he could stab him in the back, another cloaked man blackjacked the first man on the head and he went down. You recognized this second man as one of the Gnome’s fighter guards who tells you it’s time to bail out of town NOW!
So you all load up into a wagon and head West back to the crossroads at which point you turned south. As darkness fell you pulled off the road into a wooded area and made camp. On the magic users watch, he created quite a stir with a commotion about footsteps, voices, ghosts and all manner of nonsense.
Upon waking, a foul stench was in the air, so pursued through the woods to it’s source, there was the remnants of a great battle between a number of adventurers and a young red dragon – all now dead. The Thief looted all he could find, but was interupted by a Gnoll and his Kobold henchmen, demanding half of the loot. Party don’t play that so they charged – two Kobolds dead, Gnoll escaped. Magic User tried to taxidermy the dragon to no avail, but there was some good stuff found. Though you are all no less salty about those bastards stealing your reward (both monetary and reputation-wise).

What are you guys thinking about playing again, maybe even setting up a normal session (i.e. every third Sunday or something?).
Hope you all had a good Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope to see you all soon!


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A New dragon Dawning

After the fortuitous event of finding a dragons corpse and running off the local scavengers, we delved into the dragons Lair. Unfortunately for me I did not realize that this lair was still active and there were not onem but two evil beasts about.

Exploring the depths and using the debris of fell timber, we managed to access the lair over large and forbidding crevice’s. Nothing like dragons Lair loot to inspire you. But all we found was dead Gnome bodies and a few fire beetles to score the soul.

And like all good stories, the good things must come to an end. The surviving Dragon had to return, smiting the gnolls barricading the exit and looking for anything to turn to cinders.

We fled as best we could, flinging our tree bridge over the gap and running as our lives depended on it. (and they Did) away from the Lair and back through the Forest to our wagon and guide.

Still, i have a bunch of spell components from the dead Dragon, bones for which Augury spells can be cast. Might even turn a small profit.

When healers go awry

Reminder text, when the Fighters ask the cleric to fight, refuse and stick to tossing out healing spells.

A guy with a stick is not threatening!


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