Human Thief


3rd lvl Human Thief (neutral)

hp 16
ac7 leather+shield

Thrown Dagger


Finn was found at age 4 by a trader who happened upon the rural village of (gm choose). The village was empty aside from Finn so, the trader made his way back to the port city of (gm choose). It was over these days of travel that the scared silent child got the nick name Finn short for orphan. After arriving he reported the mystery and left the boy at an orphanage. What really happend in the village has never been determined but rumors abound. As a young child he scrouged and begged his way through the city streets. As he grew older and bolder he began stealing, living on the streets and associating with other wayward youth. He became increasingly bold in his crimes and that led to a late night robbery of a drunken sailor who put up a fight. Before Finn knew what was happening the drunk was down and there was a lot of blood. Finn panicked and ditched the body in the water. He hit the road the next morning on the first caravan he could find and that’s where he met a rag tag bunch of adventurous souls who later became OOTOB.


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