Order Of The Owlbear Adventures

summer 2011 update

After escaping eruptors wrath we rode through the forest with a crazed wizard and an unconscious thief (fleeing makes him tired) we see a child down the road, hear a terrifying (yet familiar) roar, an owlbear charges the child (Halfling druid). The order attacks the owlbear which leads to another dead character for john. Prior to dying the owlbear called in, to our dismay, another owlbear. After surviving the owlbear onslaught we rode to a nearby town, now joined by a Halfling druid, where we stayed at Otis’s inn and tavern where in the stable the thief stored the cursed spell book in our cart, while no one was looking. When walking into the inn the thief heard a debate about whether to search for the missing children in the Clendil Manor or leave them to die. In the end we were volunteered by a crazy old cleric (jamoke) of the same god as KLEM THE RED to go into the haunted manor of clendale to search for these children. The morning comes and the stable boy Josh complains of a haunting in the stable. The thief explains its all our friends who have been killed by Owlbears haunting us. Tadd the fighter takes off with the wagon full of our extra stuff and agrees to meet up at the Cox Crow Inn in South Port where we’ll rendezvous with Gilis the Gnome. On our way to the manor a pompous man by the name of dujair offered us money to clear out the Clendil Manor. WE entered into a large dark room with many doors. Suddenly, FROM IN THE DARKNESS a door opened and SO began the zombie massacre. After killing HORDES OF ZOMBIES AND SKELETONS WE FOUND THE BOYS BARRICADED IN AN UPSTAIRS BEDROOM. WE RETURNED TO TOWN TO A HEROES WELCOME BUT BEING BRAVE ADVENTURES WE RETURNED TO THE MANOR IN SEARCH OF TREASURE. Lots OF undead smashed, back to town for a break. THIS CYCLE WAS REPEATED SEVERAL TIMES. IN THE MIDDLE OF ALL THIS BACK AND FORTH THE WIZARD FOUND A SECRET ENTRANCE TO A DUNGEON UNDER THE MANOR WHERE WE FOUND AN ODD GROUPING OF EVIL HUMANOIDS SERVING A HUMAN BY THE NAME OF “Jestoove” according to our hobgoblin prisoners. After facing our first gelatinous cube we decided to exit and go on to greener pastures in South Port. On our way out of town the slimy weasel du jair told us to stay off his property and cheated us out of 850 gold pieces…we’ll kill him later. We’re now joined by Paulo and potato pants.



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