Order Of The Owlbear Adventures

A New dragon Dawning

After the fortuitous event of finding a dragons corpse and running off the local scavengers, we delved into the dragons Lair. Unfortunately for me I did not realize that this lair was still active and there were not onem but two evil beasts about.

Exploring the depths and using the debris of fell timber, we managed to access the lair over large and forbidding crevice’s. Nothing like dragons Lair loot to inspire you. But all we found was dead Gnome bodies and a few fire beetles to score the soul.

And like all good stories, the good things must come to an end. The surviving Dragon had to return, smiting the gnolls barricading the exit and looking for anything to turn to cinders.

We fled as best we could, flinging our tree bridge over the gap and running as our lives depended on it. (and they Did) away from the Lair and back through the Forest to our wagon and guide.

Still, i have a bunch of spell components from the dead Dragon, bones for which Augury spells can be cast. Might even turn a small profit.



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